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MCB: Before knowing about MCB box, it is important to know about MCB, click here to know about MCB, Friends. S.B is used in every house nowadays, because it is easier to use, earlier used to use fuses, but now the MCB has come in their place.

Why use M.C.B

Friends, such devices have come in our homes or offices, which are made according to the present day, and they are very valuable too, and you or you would not want that equipment to go bad, is it? That is why we need to install MCB, in fact, MCB is such a gadget that we can control our home bearer’s Current Supply using this m.c.b.
In our homes there are many plug point TV fridges, etc., and all of them require a circuit to run, a circuit ie a live wire with phase neutral and earthing, and these circuits are in different amperes and The load on them is also different, and to control these loads we need M.C.B.
 If there is evermore load in these circuits then there is a lot of M.C.B in our house. Turns off on its own, due to the jeep, the home appliance is safe, if there is no MCB, then this circuit can also burn, and our expenses can also increase behind it, if there is council wiring in the house, then brother You will go.

What is the difference between M.C.B and Fuse?

Now you will ask that friend Fuji also does the same thing, oh yes brother, it does the same thing, but you say if you are given two mangoes, one is cleaned and the other is cut from the stove, then you will choose someone, sure You will like the cleaned Mango.
In the same way M.C.B work smarter and better than fuses, fuses burn when load increases, which takes time to fix, M.C.B just keeps raising, Take the fuse a lot He takes it and looks very messy too, M.C.B is good looking and sits at work place.

What is M.C.B box or DP box / Distribution board

M.C.B is mounted on a board, it is called M.C.B box or d.p box or distribution board, you should know that there is a separate M.C.B box for three-phase, separate for single-phase, in many places I have seen that some people To save money, we use a single-phase board.
but you should not do this, because there is not much space in a single-phase box so that you can keep 3 phases separately, and if accidentally different phases If you bump into a second, then the explosion is cooked, so use it wherever it should be.
To understand you, I have given some images below and understand by looking at them. So, man, my head is full, now if you like this article, then do not leave me, thank you for being with us, have a good morning.

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