What is Electrical Earthing 2020 – Types of Earthing English

What is Electrical Earthing 2020 – Types of Earthing English

Electrical Earthing: Everyone must have heard the name Earthing, whenever there is an electric work, people ask about Earthing, because they know that without earthing, an accident can happen.
But actually where earthing is used is Nobody knows, there is just a fear in the mind that without earthing they will get hobby, so what fear of people is true or it is just a wrong thinking, then let’s know friends.

The enclosure of any electric appliance is attached to the ground using some wire or piece of iron. It is called Earthing, Earthing is of different types, but often what we understand is the wire on an iron piece. And add it to the ground.

People in the village also do this by connecting a wire to the Phase (+) point of their home’s electricity, ie coming from the transformer and the Phase (+) wire in it, and using Earthing for neutral, Some like this, first dig a big pit and take an iron road and wrap a wire neatly in it.

hen bury that piece of iron inside that pit, then gob the pit And fill it with salt, then pour the water inside the pit, by doing this the moisture in the pit gets created and earthing is done, and this earthing works as neutral, but there is a mess in it, then Till the time the moisture has remained in that pit, as the level of water gets depleted, that is, the pit absorbs, the house lights also slow down.

To complete any earthing, we need copper plates, some pipes, salt coal and wire, the wire can be both aluminum or copper, the wire size can be 3mm to 10mm.

Earthing symbol

Earthing is used for home appliances, in fact some of the equipment used in our deli are such that leakage current flows in their body, then when we touch it then we feel the current However, although this current flow does not occur in large quantities, the shock can be felt, and earthing is used to avoid this shock.

The current flowing in the body due to earthing turns into neutral, in a way, earthing works like a neutral if phase (+) and two in place of phase neutral in our electricity supply. If we are neutral, we do not need earthing, all the work is done with the electricity board, but what to do, luck is bad, earthing has to be made by ourselves.

What is Electrical Earthing 2020 – Types of Earthing English

Earthing is mostly of two types, one is Pipe Earthing and the other is Plate Earthing, Plate Earthing is the top most used Earthing, by the way, both are good, both work well, let’s have many Gone nonsense, now let’s talk about the issue.

Plate Earthing:

Plate earthing needs some copper plates, even if the plate is of aluminum, it will work but aluminum rot over time, yet it lasts a long time, some plate coal salt and water to make earthing is just this material. Is required.

To do both Plate Earthing or Pipe Earthing, the first thing is to dig a 5 foot deep pit on this land, the length and width of the pit should be only 5 feet, if you have the strength then you can do it yourself or else you workers can You can take support, after that you add water to that pit to make it moist.

After that you have to add salt, after one stage salt you have to keep the copper or aluminum plate at an equal distance, meaning if you have 4 plates then a 1 One on foot Place one earthing plate, meaning you are making four earthing in it.
What is Electrical Earthing 2020 – Types of Earthing English

After that the coal has to be poured, and then water then salt then coal and water like this, fill the entire pit, one thing to note here is that when you are placing the earthing plate, then put a pipe with it Also keep this, in future you will be able to pour water through pipes, so that moisture will remain in the soil and your earthing will last for a long time, after that all the earthing is in the same wire in a chamber. just had to Earthing Complete Now you can use it.

Pipe Earthing:

Pipe earthing is exactly like plate earthing, the only difference is that it uses pipes instead of plates, there are many holes in the pipe. When water is poured into the pipe, the water goes out of the hole and into the soil. Produces moisture, due to this the voltage of the earthing is maintained.

Earthing is also used to avoid electricity, meaning the earthing strip is attached to the last in the big building, many people are confused about what use this strip is, in fact, that earthing strip is used to avoid electricity.

When the lightning shines in the sky, at times, it makes the big tower its victim, and takes that power to the earthing strip to the ground, due to which no accident happens, and We present in Ding can live peacefully. So friends, see how big things work in our lives.

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What is Electrical Earthing 2020 – Types of Earthing English

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