How to do house wiring, Electrical Theory in English

How to do house wiring: Hello friends, the category of electrical engineering, learn cannot be finished even in whole life, and house wiring comes in this category, today on this post, I am going to tell you some things that will help you yourself Will be able to do wiring of your house easily, and if you are an electrician, then this post is very beneficial for you, so let’s know.

How to do house wiring

How to do house wiring
How to do house wiring

Before you go about house wiring, you need to know about electrical theory, it matters the most, you can buy a book called PS DHOGLE, this book contains all the information about electrical theory, and If you already know all this
the information then it is a very good thing.

How To Do House Wiring
Normal houses used in wiring are 1.5mm wire, 2.5 wire, 4mm wire, 1.5mm wire used for appliances like point, light and fan in homes, and the same 2.5mm wire used for TV geyser. 4mm wire is mostly used for domestically appliances such as AC and sometimes mains supply, here you have to understand the color code before using the wire, like black color red color.

Black colors are always used in neutral, but if you have red and yellow then neutral will be yellow, similarly if yellow and blue are neutral blue, if blue and red are neutral blue, but some Bastard electricians use wires from their minds, due to which others have to face problems.

After choosing the wire, you will use the switch, there is 5 AMP available for normal equipment, and you can use a list of 16 amperes and 20 amperes for such and geysers, once everything is fixed you start wiring.

How to do house wiring
See wiring is of two types, one is under-ground/council wiring and second is open wiring, open wiring is easier than council wiring is less expensive but it looks dirty in the same way, like conical wiring / under-ground wiring. I take more time, it takes more money, and it looks quite beautiful.

Council Wiring / Under-ground Wiring
To do under-ground wiring we need some materials such as, grinders, drilling machine PVC pipes, saddle flexible pipes, hammer binder metal boxes, etc.

First of all, you have to make a wiring plan, meaning to think which point is needed,  then PVC PIPE has to be moved to every 1 point, you can do this with the help of a grinder, here is a point to note. It is not PIPE JAM, and if it happens then you may have problems wiring later.

After everything is done, the wiring turns, and the wiring needs to be done very carefully, the neutral is always common, meaning if there is 10 points in one place then you have to put 10 red wires and one block wire there, But note that there is no joint, the less the joint is, the better the wires become weak with the joint.

Open wiring:

There are many types of open wiring, but the most commonly done is wiring with a casing strip, you can also use PVC pipes or clips, but the casing wiring is good to see a little, you need it A drill machine crew grip Hacksaw blade PVC tape hammer screwdriver player and accessories.

In the beginning, you have to fix the casing strip in the wall, after that you have to do wiring according to the plan, but the problem is going to be the space, people do not know how much wire will come in a strip, Therefore, they use the wrong casing strip due to which they have to face problems, keep thinking beforehand how much space you need, how much wire you are going to use, if If the casing strip is small, it will not be closed due to the small space.

Wiring method
The method of wiring is the same as under-ground wiring is done in the same way as open wiring is done, so friends, I think you will now understand how house wiring is, even if your If you have any question in mind, you can comment and ask, thank you for staying connected with us and have a good day.

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