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Do you all want to know what is RAM and RAM Full Form, this little word RAM you must have heard many times, whenever you go to buy a computer or mobile in the market, the shopkeeper will give you information about RAM in it. Many people also believe that if a computer or mobile has more RAM, the computer will work faster or no one will hang up. So is it true that I am going to give information about all these things in this article, what is Ram?

In this article, we will first know what is RAM, as well as how it works, is it true that more RAM affects the speed of computers and mobile.

What is RAM and RAM Full Form


What is Ram?

Ram has full form random access memory and is also known as primary memory in Hindi. In RAM, data and instructions of whatever work is currently done by computer or mobile are saved.

It is a part of memory, so its data can be accessed directly. It is like a small chip that is installed in computers and mobiles.

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What is Memory?

You must have understood from the word memory that just as a human brain has the capacity of memory, in the same way, computers and mobile also have to use memory to run properly. So that he can store or save whatever data on his computer or mobile in one place. Every type of computer, laptop, and mobile has a variety of memory inside which it stores its data or instruction, which it can extract whenever it needs it or whenever it is needed.

Now the question is arising in everyone’s mind that after all how does a computer or mobile know which instructions and where data is kept, the answer is for this, the memory of the computer is divided into small parts and The size or portion of each is equal to what we call a cell.

What is a memory address?

Each cell has its address which we call memory address/memory address in computer language. With the help of this memory address, the computer can detect where the data is left. For example, if a song or video file is saved on your computer and mobile, they all reside in the cell, ie the memory address.

Type of memory:

By the way, every computer or mobile has three main forms of memory and the work of these three is different and their specialty is also different.

  • primary memory
  • secondary memory
  • cache memory

Primary Memory – First of all know what is primary memory. This memory stores the same data and instructions that the computer uses. The memory space of this memory is limited and data is stored in it as long as there is power in the computer. If the power is turned off then it goes into memory.

Its construction is made of semi-conductive material and its speed is very low, compared to the register, all the data and instructions inside each computer are processed in this memory itself and its two categories are RAM and second ROM.

I have already mentioned, RAM is a completely random access memory, sometimes called direct access memory, that memory is less than secondary memory, such as 1GB, 2GB, 3GB in mobile. 4 GB, 16 GB RAM.

So now the next question comes, what is the work of Ram, after all, you must have seen that whenever you play a game on your mobile or run an application or edit a file, all these require mobile space. is. From Space Ram itself.

For example, suppose you play a game like football, you cannot play a game like a football inside your house, you will need a bigger space to play it, the bigger space, the better the game. Similarly, no matter how many applications you run on your mobile, the memory you use is RAM. Therefore it is said that the higher the RAM, the more your mobile application will work.

Suppose you are watching a movie on your mobile, listening to this song and all these songs and movies are stored on your memory card, so what does the CPU do? You want to watch the movie from your memory card and movie. The more applications run on your mobile, the more your RAM will be used.

That is why you have ever heard that mobile or computer hangs, to fix it, we are told to keep your mobile or computer RAM free. This is because every Rama has a regular limit for carrying the application. The more applications you run on your mobile, the more RAM will be used simultaneously and the limit will be overloaded.

Due to which your mobile or computer hangs. For example, mobiles that came first had only 512MB or 1GB of RAM, so they were more hanging. But in the mobile available in the market nowadays, RAM 6GB to 12 GB and which computer is it?

Why is RAM called Random Access Memory?

Each RAM stores its instructions and data in a cell and each cell is made up of a few columns and rows that have their address or in the language of the computer, then a unique address which is also called a cell address.

It is the responsibility of the CPU to receive various types of data and instructions from these cells and because of this feature, to run the computer correctly, it is named Random Access Memory.

Characteristics of RAM:


  • I hope you all know about RAM but do you know its characteristics i.e. qualities, then let us know what are the characteristics of RAM
  • Compared to secondary memory, its capacity is less.
  • RAM is an unstable memory.
  • If the power goes out or turns off, Ram’s memory is freed.
  • Secondary memory has more RAM than speed.
  • CPU uses RAM.
  • It is also called working memory in computer language.

Types of RAM 

Let us know what Rama is, now we know how many types of Rama. Ram is of two types –

  1. Steady RAM
  2. Dynamic RAM

Static RAM – Just as the word static means ‘static’, it means that whatever data is inside the static RAM remains constant as long as there is electricity in your computer or mobile, it is also called SRAM in many places. is. Static RAM is a small chip made using 6 transistors and has no capacitors.

Its biggest feature is that it does not need to be refreshed repeatedly because its data remains static. More chip than DRAM is required to store data of normal size. This is why such RAM is priced higher than DRAM, so many times such RAM is also used in cache memory as it makes the memory faster than the rest of the memory.

Properties of SRAM

  • This Rama lasts for several days.
  • Its speed is very fast.
  • Its memory is large.
  • It requires more power.

Dynamic RAM – also called DRAM and is the opposite of static RAM. It needs to be refreshed repeatedly to keep its data equal or intact and this is possible only when it is connected to a memory refresh circuit.

Properties of DRAM

  • It works for several days.
  • Its speed is very slow.
  • It needs to be refreshed repeatedly.
  • It is much cheaper than the rest of the memory.
  • It requires very little power.
  • It is mostly used for cache memory.

What are the benefits of RAM?

The higher the amount of RAM in your mobile or computer, the more your mobile and computer will work. For example, if you have 1GB of RAM in your mobile and if you are playing the same game or watching a picture on it, then you will open multiple applications simultaneously, then your mobile will hang, so nowadays the RAM capacity of the mobile and Computers abound, due to which they do not hang.

Is computers and phones are different in Ram function?

Yes, there is a slight difference in RAM between computers and mobiles. The RAM that is installed in a computer is called PCDDR in computer language and the RAM used in mobile is called LPDDR.

PCDDR has the full form of Standard Double Data Synchronous RAM and the same LPDDR has the full form of Low Power Double Data Synchronous RAM.

These two RAMs differ in power and capacity compared to each other, the computer’s RAM is used to increase performance, while on the other hand, mobile’s RAM is used to save and design more power. is.

If we talk about the RAM installed in the computer, then there is an Intel 86 architecture RAM, on the other hand, ARM architecture RAM is used in mobile.


So in this article friends, we know that what is RAM, RAM Full Form, how it works, and many more things.  I hope that after reading this post, all the questions that have been dotted for RAM will have been cleared.

If you have any doubt or questions about RAM, you can ask us to comment. We have the same request to all of you that if you have liked our post, do not forget to share this post.

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